The Forge

Identify, create and launch your Sacred Business

with energetic Precision, Presence and Power.

You will: Forge out of the raw materials of your gifts, knowledge, life experience and education an exquisite, priceless, bejeweled, laser edged ceremonial knife that’ll cut straight to the heart of the matter of where your clients are stuck, struggling or suffering.

You will: Then build a temple for your Sacred Genius Business, the place where you perform the magic, the transformation, where your soul clients enter a crucible-chrysalis of transmutation and metamorphosis, and where you help them turn their lead into gold and their life into a work of art.

And in the fires of your divinity, forge your Presence and Power, to become an irresistible force of attraction to your soul clients. 

The Forge: A Mastermind Bootcamp 

Epic Success Is Yours For The Taking

You have the power!

The power to create a business. The power to create success. The power to create clients. The power to create money.

Building your business on your Soul’s Work is a business build on your strongest power.

To experience epic success, change your energy to match the success you desire, and it will naturally and easily be yours.

Epic success is nothing but magic that you create, nothing but energy that you give physical form.




Epic Success Is Your Divine Mandate

Your Soul’s Work is the complete combination of your gifts, your knowledge, your education, your interests, your passions and your life experiences. And it expresses itself in the world as a Sacred Genius Business.

It’s who you were born to be, the work you were born to do. It’s your life purpose, chosen before you were born. It’s the TruePath of your consciousness evolution, your spiritual journey. It’s the path of your most profound spirituality development.

Your Sacred Genius Business is the truth expression of your divine nature. It must be approached with reverence, devotion and respect. Reverence for the divine nature of it, devotion to living it, respect for the way it changes lives.

No other work can ever make you feel as fulfilled, content, excited, joyful and euphoric as your Sacred Genius Business.

No other work will ever challenge you to stop hiding, stop playing small, stop letting various and sometimes nebulous fears hold you back, like the spiritual path of building a Sacred Genius Business based on your Soul’s Work.



Epic Success Is Energy

Energy is consciousness, energy is life, energy is transformation, energy is relationships, energy is clients, energy is money, energy is success.

Energy is everything and all you have to do to change your life, is to change your energy.

To experience epic success, change your energy to match the success you desire, and it will naturally and easily be yours.

Epic success is created with and from energetic precision (what you do), energetic presence (who you are)  and energetic power (your ability to create transformation).

When you have all three, it’s easy to take your Soul’s work and Sacred Genius Business to its most magnificent and successful expression.




Energetic Precision

Your Soul’s Work has a precise signature energy vibration. When you consistently strike the precise tone that harmozies and amplifies this signature frequency, you know your soul clients will sit up and take notice. And be compelled to seek you out, even if they don’t know why.

Dilute and dampen this signature energy and you’ll find yourself doing work that is not (quite) what you love, with clients who are not (quite) your favorite kinds of clients, for prices that are not (quite) what you’d like to charge. And wondering why that is and where you went wrong.

This applies to everything: your service or product, you offer, your business architecture, your marketing, your branding, your message.



Energetic Presence

Nice girls don’t build supersuccessful sacred businesses.

‘Being nice’ is not attractive. Timidity is not attractive. Discounting yourself is not attractive. Not to anyone but especially not to your soul clients.

They need you to step into your supreme sovereignty and become a unflinching and unfaltering leader, speaking yoru unapologetic and uncompromising truth at all times.

Your unwavering self-belief and your authority as an expert means you have a Presence, energetic Presence, that is utterly impossible to overlook.



Energetic Power

It’s your power that ultimately facilitates the transformation of your clients and their lives. It’s your power that transmits the upgraded energy codes, the essence of any kind of transformation.

The most powerful transformations happen when you are most fully in your power, dialed up to the max and laser focused. Your soul clients are precisely situated and prepared to receive the codes, at your most powerful (that’s how you know they’re your soul clients).

Diluted power means diluted impact and diluted transformation. Diluted results and diluted enthusiasm for what your Soul’s Work and Sacred Genius Business.

Identify, Build and Launch the Sacred Genius Business of your Soul’s Work with Energetic Precision, Presence and Power

1. Identify the exact nature of your Soul’s Work

2. Increase your Presence and Power

3. Build your Sacred Business

4. Launch your first offer

Step 1: Identify the exact nature of your Soul’s Work

  • Your gifts
  • Your education
  • Your knowledge
  • Your interests
  • Your passion
  • Your life experience

… all combine perfectly in a unified whole that is your Soul’s Work, the very specific transformation you provide your soul clients with.

It’s extremely precise and cannot be mistaken for anything but Truth, once it has been revealed to you. It’s a moment when everything click into place and you’ll know your right place in the world.

It includes:

  • the exact transformation you provide
  • the exact characteristics of your soul clients
  • your exact core message
  • your exact business architecture
  • your exact brand
  • your ‘title’
  • your key words
  • your offers

Doing exactly  your Soul’s Work, and nothing else, is what makes it a Sacred Genius Business and your Divine Mandate. It’s where you find epic success, sacred success.


Step 2: Increase your Presence & Power

Committing to the spiritual challenge of turning your Soul’s Work into a Sacred Genius Business will trigger a lot of shadow. Which means, there will be an enormous amount of inner work needed. And isn’t that wonderful? To get it out in the open and eliminated, so it will never interfere with your life again.

Shadow says:

  • I’m not good enough
  • What are other people going to think about it?
  • I need my clients approval
  • No one will pay me
  • I need to be more confident
  • I want other people to take responsibility for making my dream come true
  • It’s overwhelming
  • I have something else I need to give my energy and attention to first
  • It’s not the right time
  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t know how
  • I don’t have the power to find clients and make money

Guess how much success you’ll have in your business with all that going on in your head…!

The Forge: A Mastermind Bootcamp is also a bootcamp for eliminating shadows.

You will then:

  • Set your worth, values and standards high, and not settle for anything less than the true fulfillment of that
  • Be crystal clear on your dreams, and desires and willing to do whatever it takes to make them come true
  • Take full responsibility as the CEO of your Sacred Genius Business instead of being half-committed
  • Decree your goals into being, instead of wishing for them to happen
  • Activate your will and take focused actions, instead of waiting for something to happen
  • Let the brilliance and magic of your intuition guide your way with joy and fun, instead of trying figuring everything out

Only when shadows are eliminated, will your true Presence and true Power reveal themselves.

PS Some familiarity with Shadow Alchemy is a prerequisute for this program. If you don’t yet have any knowledge of it, there will be an additional fee for bringing you up to speed.

Step 3: Build your Sacred Genius Business

This program is a Get-It-Done program with an extremely high accountability factor. 

You’ll put the feet to the ground, get your hands dirty and make your Soul’s Work take concrete physical form, all done with an eye to energetic precision.

This may include:

    • Branding
    • Promotional photos
    • Website copy
    • Marketing messages
    • Sales funnel
    • Education based marketing
    • Program(s) creation
    • Social media
    • Automatization
    • Launch planning
    • … and more depending of what is a precise expression of your Soul’s Work

    You’ll pull up your sleeves and get to work with creating this into reality, as well as support your fellow participants.

     Step 4: Launching

    Soul’s Work and Sacred Genius Business only holds importance insofar as it draws in your souls clients.

    Therefore, the last part of the program will be launching your Sacred Genius Business (although this may happen at any time during the program, when the time is now).

    Whether your launch is a Facebook challenge, a public lecture or a 90 min webinar (I’ve had training in all of these), this is what sends out the signal that you are ready to receive your ideal clients.

    Either way, you’ll be preparing your launch content within this container and receive ongoing feedback as to precision of content as well as support on how to structure your content for biggest impact.



    ** 12 sessions **

    ** Extra teaching modules **

    ** Daily accountability and support **




    Soul’s Work & Sacred Business reading  

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    What Clients Say

    From 3-4 clients a week to 24

    In just a month of being in the School of Sacred Success, I stopped having to chase down payments owed me and instead had clients wanting to pay me up front for a VIP package. I’m also starting an online detox course and registrations are rolling in. And I went from 3-4 clients in a week to 24.

    Sigga Helga

    I had no idea I’d be living this magnificent life

    I had no idea that this woman I am today was hiding inside of me, waiting to be set free. And I had no idea I’d be living this magnificent life.

    Valgerður Stefánsdóttir

    9 paintings sold in 9 days

    I went from selling 9 paintings in under 6 weeks with Gitte after many years of not selling any, in spite of acclaim and well received exhibitions.

    Hulda Leifsdóttir

    Amazingly, clients are showing up more and more even without me advertising what I do

    I’m a medium and channel and nothing gives me more pleasure than serving as a channel for messages from the Light to other people.

    Before I joined Gitte’s mastermind group I would think and talk about making this my work but I never actually did anything to make it happen. I felt frustrated, watching how I consistently sabotaged myself and let myself down. I let self-doubts and fears stop me.

    I started making my dream come true with Gitte’s encouragement and guidance. I started seeing results and I began to believe it was possible to actually make a living on doing what I love to do most. I surrendered to taking action, step by step.

    I realized that when I said I would do something to my fellow mastermind members, then I would actually do it, because I did not want to show up at our next meeting having not done it.

    Amazingly, clients are showing up more and more even without me advertising what I do. 

    Inga Thengillsdottir,

    My best month in 20 years

    I went from zero clients in ages to 6 clients in 2 weeks after less than two months in Gitte’s program. After just a few months with Gitte, I had my best month ever in 20 years of being a healer.

    Coral Bell

    You pointed out the threads and tied them together 

    I would especially like to thank you, Gitte, for putting it all together for me – now it makes sense and is a lighthouse I am heading toward. So grateful. 

    You pointed out the threads and tied them together. One of my two goals and visions was being support for HSPs to feel more than comfortable in their skin, to value themselves (starting with ‘despite’ their HS and then moving to ‘because of’ HS). Lately I found myself very passionately advocating for being who you are and seeing the gift in all you have. It was part of my own journey I guess just it was not clear enough or – this is more accurate – I obviously needed a catalyst to get me there sooner. It resonated so much when you said that. Maybe you can remember I had trouble pointing out the pain of my potential clients. Stating it like that – to help them own their uniqueness, to feel proud and sensitive and address the challenges to get there on the way – feels more natural. The words are a bit avoidant today – does it make sense? 

    Manca Klinar

    I have seen my dream become real in a way I never imagined would happen so fast

    I used to feel I was betraying myself, not giving myself the time and energy I needed to follow my dream, always holding myself back. I was frustrated about not knowing exactly what I had to do. And those things I did know to do I never did, because I didn’t have the courage to leave my comfort zone, which I was very stuck in.

    What being in the Gitte’s mastermind group first gave me was clarity and focus. It is hard to take concrete action when you don’t know where you want to go. Getting that clarity and focus, it was much easier do the things that manifest my dream. Of course, I still had to face my fears and self-doubt but Gitte and the members of my group really helped in giving me the courage and motivation to move through my fears and into my dream.

    The best part for me of being in the the mastermind group was that Gitte and the group were holding my vision for me, holding things together to help me stay focused and continue to do the work. I also found that the group gave me strength because there is such good energy in this group with deep trust between us and we encourage each other to grow into our full glory. We celebrate together each step forward that one of us takes.  

    Over the last year I have seen my dream become real in a way I never imagined would happen so fast. I’m and artist and my artwork is an expression of the energy of the Light, mostly in the form of paintings. At the beginning of last year I hardly even picked up the brush. Now I’m on my way to be a full-time artist, teaching art classes and having several exhibitions lined up for the future, both here and abroad. I feel excited but also a little scared with all this big-ness of my dream.

    Ragnheiður Guðmundsdóttir, artist

    Trippled after the 3rd month

    Lots of things have changed since I joined Gitte’s program.  

    First and foremost is that I’ve started being active in building my Young Living business again and are now spending 2-4 hrs each day on it, rather than the zero amount of time before. And, of course, putting energy into building my business creates visible, tangible results.

    My overall volume [business] has increased with 50% after the first month and trippled after the 3rd month. I have expanded my comfort zone and contacted people I never would’ve and I’ve attracted two new business builders/team leaders.

    Coming up are 5 introduction classes and one workshop. As you can see there is a lot of things I can celebrate with you. Not least of what it means to be part of this wonderful group.

    Eygló Jóhannesdóttir

    Opened my eyes to everything that is possible

    Before working with Gitte, I struggled with focus and commitment towards my dream. I had these problems and they cost me… which meant that I wasn‘t doing anything to make it come true.

    After working with Gitte, I have become more focused and committed because Gitte won‘t let me NOT work on my dream and in so doing I have already hosted a teleclass and am about to start another, have had paying clients and am looking forward to working solely on my dream. 

    Now I feel that I CAN do it, I WILL do it and I SHALL do it because nothing will stop me now. That‘s a far cry from where I was when I started working with Gitte.

    Gitte, you really opened my eyes to everything that is possible. That realization alone was worth all the time I have spent with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Johanna K. Tómasdóttir

    Significant changes in allowing the presence of money into my life

    I signed up for Gitte’s class not knowing what breakthroughs would happen in reference to my relationship with money. Through the guidance and wisdom of Gitte, each class of Money Mastery has given me significant changes in allowing the presence of money into my life. The sharing of other students has been so helpful in support, bringing new awareness and release of my past limitationsI highly recommend this program to anyone who is sincere about allowing abundance into their life!

    Shakti Wilson

    My business suddenly started blooming like never before

    Gitte’s coaching technique helps you visualize your goal and suddenly see it as a good possibility, not just something you might reach … sometime.

    She makes you set small milestones and stick to them, instead of huge and overwhelming tasks. For some reason my business suddenly started blooming like never before – and I can not deny the fact that it must have something to do with Gitte and her spirit.

    ?Guðlaug Hrönn Jóhannsdóttir?

    About Me

    I’m Gitte, I’m a business clairvoyant, business coach and personal transformation coach. My Soul’s Work and Sacred Genius Business is helping people turn their Soul’s Work into a super successful Sacred Genius Business, combining inner work and outer work, and focusing on energetic Precision, Presence and Power. 

    I’ve been a personal transformation coach and healer since 1990.

    I’ve studied and applied the philosophy, psychology, the actions and the energetics of success since 1992. True success-as-a-state-of-being results from a combination of inner alchemy and energetically aligned actions. 

    I’ve created several businesses, from a massage therapy practice to working as a channel to co-founding the School of Health Mastery to business coaching. I’ve spend 8 years studying, mastering and discarding business and marketing how-to’s as taught by some of the great names in the field.  

    I first worked as a clairvoyant 20 years ago but not for long as I found it boring. My channel has since blown wide open and is focused on summoning, activating and sculpting people’s Soul’s Work and their Sacred Genius Business.

    I’m currently exploring the limits of my business clairvoyancy (I haven’t found any yet) along with coaching.  


    ** 12 sessions **

    ** Extra teaching modules **

    ** Daily accountability and support **




    Soul’s Work & Sacred Business reading

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