Your Soul’s Work & Genius Business

Summoned, Activated, Sculpted

We will pinpoint the exact nature of your sacred Soul’s Work and the concrete form of your Genius Business in the physical realm as well as its Source in the multidimensions

At the end, you’ll know exactly what your Soul’s Work and Genius Business is and what it has the potential to become. You’ll have a plethora of concrete ideas to develop your business from. You’ll have a concrete offer and your core brand message.

It’s exatly what you’ve been longing to know for a long long time, it’ll feel like coming home. 

 This reading takes place in 3 separate sessions, each about 60 min long. 

Part 1: The Summoning

Part 2: The Activation

Part 3: The Sculpting



Together, we open the vortex that your Soul’s Work will come through. Once opened, we’ll summon it and it will enter into your field and land in your bones. This is done through an exploratory dialogue, guided by Gitte.

The pieces of the puzzle consisting your gifts, your talents, your inclinations, your interests, your passion, your education, your life experience, they all click into a complete whole.

It’s exceptionally recognizable when it lands and is often accompanied by chills, a surge of power, tears, suddenly sitting straight, a ‘duh, why didn’t I see that myself’, or other ways of recognizing TRUTH.

These sessions are partially channeled, but typical sessions include information on:


The exact transformation only you can be the catalyst for, the healing only you can bring, the shattering of specific paradigms that only you are capable of doing. 


The precise group of people who are your soul clients, why they are your soul clients, and what they are looking for help with.


The timeline of your Genius Business, from first action to what it will look like in it’s fullest expression.


Once your Souls’ Work has landed and settled in your bones, it’s still dormant. It needs to be activated. I channel in-depth, detailed and intricate information on your Soul’s Work and Genius Business through metaphors and imagery that is meaningful to you.

As I’m channeling information, the dormant codes of your Soul’s Work and Genius Business are activated and will start moving out of your bones and into your entire field. Once there, they can interact with the rest of your world, specifically your soul clients.

This sessions is almost entirely channeled. Sessions typically include:


Your Soul’s Work has an origin, a source well that goes far beyond the hear and now. The Activation of your Soul’s Work and Genius Business includes connecting you with the source and opening the portal for you to stream it through.


 The greater, spiritual, multidimensional transformation that you are here to facilitate and the wide-ranging implications.


The experience your soul clients will have with you, the things about you and your Soul’s Work that make them go wow!


Finally, once your Soul’s Work and Genius Business has landed and been activated, it’s time to give it concrete precise form in the world, to create the specific three dimensional, practical container that is the temple in which your offer your sacred Soul’s Work.

This container, your business architecture, needs to be precise, to enhance and amplify your Soul’s Work and align it energetically toward magnificent success.

A typical session include:


The words that’ll carry the precise power and authority and signature frequency of your Soul’s Work. Your title, your brand message, headlines, taglines, most powerful message.


Your offers, your prices, your delivery, your website, your brand design, your marketing channels, your free gifts etc, that are energetically precise expressions of your Soul’s Work and Genius Business.


Using your words of power for program description, sales and marketing copy for casting a spell on your soul clients. Laser focusing the signature frequency of your Soul’s Work and Genius Business for activating your soul clients.


Completely life-changing

My Genius Business session with Gitte was completely life-changing – the most useful ‘career advice’ I’ve ever received. With exquisite precision, she helped me uncover what my life purpose, my soul’s work is and it felt absolutely amazing when we got there. The process is both fun, very concrete and comprehensive, which works perfectly for my organized brain. And I even know what my next steps are going to be!! Really super grateful and I definitely recommend it if you are stuck in a job you hate or don’t quite know what your purpose is on this planet. Thank you so so so much Gitte.

Camille Neuhauser

Wave after wave of goosebumps

Illuminating your Soul’s Work is Gitte’s own sacred mission and – wow! is she gifted in this. I came to our session with various ideas of what my work is about that I had gathered over the years.

In a very short time Gitte was able to tease apart a very precise and powerful picture of my Soul’s Work that elicited wave after wave of goosebumps in me – indications that my Spirit was on board and wanting me to pay attention! By session’s end, I had a clear direction for where to focus my work and a sense of calm, rightness, and respect for the sacred trust I’ve been given. I don’t know that I would have ever seen the bigger picture that is possible for me without her guidance.

The potential is huge, the challenge is humbling, and I trust in the unfolding of my Soul’s Work that I will have what it takes to teach others the wisdom I’m here to share.

Daria Howell,

Revealed the underlying essence of what I bring to the world

When I first learned of Gitte Lassen’s Soul’s Work sessions, I was hesitant because I’ve already done a lot of self-awareness work and was feeling pretty grounded in who I am and what I offer my clients. I wondered what she could reveal to me that I didn’t already know. 

To my delight, Gitte was able to dig even deeper and reveal the underlying essence of what I bring to the world through my natural talents and chosen career.

Gitte’s warm manner allowed me to feel comfortable while her targeted questioning allowed her to drill down and dig out what was lurking in my soul and bring it to the light where I could clearly see it. She helped me envision and embody even more deeply what I’m meant to do by laying out ideas for a trajectory that felt both good and possible. (It brought shivers to us both!)

As a result of working with Gitte, I feel like I’ve given myself permission to strive for the fulfillment of a greater purpose that I could distantly feel but wasn’t able to fully formulate or perhaps thought was a dream I dared not believe. She was even able to put the essence of what I do into words that I am able to use in my marketing which I know will resonate with my ideal clients

If you want to gain a greater self-awareness of your natural gifts and where to focus your energy to better serve yourself and others, I would highly recommend working with Gitte Lassen. She is so skilled at pulling out what is lying in wait for us to discover ‘some day’ but for which most of us will spend a lifetime fruitlessly searching – and she does it in such a short period of time! Thank you, Gitte!

Carolin Rathbun,

Just like you said I would

… Long story short I am now accessing people’s genius. And activating it. In an hour. Just like you said I would.

I’m blown to pieces, because each time I’ve done this it’s helped my genius land even more. ...

I’m delighted, it’s the easiest most gorgeous work I’ve ever done. 

… I’ve gone from charging £3000 for an 8 week package of coaching/energy activation to charging £1000 for a 1 hour session.

The magic button feels delicious, hilarious, so bloody obvious that they get into a flow state and hit the ground running.

I can totally see myself doing this for 10K clients in the very near future, because of course!!!! 

Thank you so much for our session, it took a while to see through my shadow but I got there!!!  

Samantha Dunnage,


I could easily make a 10x return on investment this week alone

I had an Soul’s Work session with Gitte yesterday. It totally didn’t go the direction I expected it to go… In fact, it went straight in a direction that I have been avoiding like the plague because well, it’s probably my genius.

Spent the day alchemizing all the shadow that came up around actually doing this thing, re-listened to the session-taking notes on all the stuff that will help me market it and hearing all the things that I couldn’t hear yesterday because I was like a deer in headlights.

And now…I’m EXCITED AF to get sharing about this and know without a doubt that I can hit my goal of $5000 this month before the end of the month. …

Making this small investment in myself and my business at this time looked completely irresponsible from the outside given my current circumstances and it’s probably the smartest decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I can clearly see how I could easily make a 10x return on investment this week alone! Thank You!

Pamela Catey


THE most significant session I’ve ever had

The SUMMONING: That was THE most significant session I’ve ever had. I’ve been walking tall ever since. Gitte saw very clearly where my genius has been lurking all my life. I now have clarity like never before around my abilities and infinite potential. The most amazing part to me is that there were no huge surprises. My genius has been playing hide-and-seek, but always IN PLAIN SIGHT.

(I’ve already re-listened to my session with you 3x. I’ve been seeing everything in such a different light.)

The ACTIVATION spoke to the part of me that KNOWS I am a god. In fact, it connected my genius to a god-figure I have FELT within me since I was a young girl.

Donna Kirk

It cut through all the BS

My Soul’s Work & Genius Business session with Gitte Lassen was so simple and profound that it cut right through all the BS. A direction that I had thought about back in high school, and had unconsciously surfaced over the years in almost every one of my jobs, suddenly was BAM right in front of me.

It was something that had been literally lurking under the surface, and had been trying to get my attention throughout the years. I wonder how much longer it would have remained hidden without this session 🤔.

You need the eyes of genius on you to bring out what is hidden in shadow. Tak Gitte 🤘🏼.

Ash Summers

Amazing to get absolute clarity about my Soul’s Work

I recently had a Soul’s Work reading with Gitte and it was amazing to get absolute clarity about my Soul’s Work purpose. I have also taken part in some of Gitte’s Facebook group sessions and there is always something magical and yet pragmatic to take away.

The work I’ve experienced with Gitte, both feels ‘right’ and authentic for me, and gives me some inspired actions to go away and take.

I’d highly recommend Gitte to anyone who wants to do the work they are meant to do, and rid themselves of the shackles stopping them from doing so.

Wendy Aspland

Officially certified by the entire universe to just be me

The SUMMONING: I finally got my Soul’s Work session with Gitte and it was soooo liberating. It was like being officially certified by the entire universe to just be the true joyful me. Work has become real play for me. Ideas just began to pour out without any effort. And all the while, no overwhelm. I feel so much in my power. I do not have to pretend to be someone else or try to be what I’m not. I believe this is the biggest freedom and joy a human being could experience on earth. 

The ACTIVATION: After discovering my Soul’s Work as Self-Love Goddess, I began designing my business on this foundation. Work has totally become play for me. In the process of doing Shadow Alchemy and participating in the Metamorphosis program a bigger vision began to take form.

It was then that Gitte suggested to dive deeper into my Soul’s Work. I said hell YES! I was excited though I had no idea what we would come up with (just like Gitte herself). But it turned out perfect in every sense. I was able to confirm that I was heading in the right direction and Gitte drew out so many details I am now able to let go of the tiniest doubts that had kind of been lingering in the back of my head. The big picture has become clearer and I’m determined and excited to get to work!!

Soo-yon Puyn

An intimate moment with my soul

Working with Gitte gave me an intimate moment with my soul. Gradually I understood what my great passion in life is and finally sensed how I can move forward with my gifts. For me this whole knowing about my soul’s purpose is crucial for having a meaningful life. 


Helped me understand what my soul really wants to do

For many years I’ve floated through life not really knowing what I was meant to do. Many things felt right for a while but then just didn’t work out. Eventually I found Gitte or, should I say, Gitte found me. With her power of observation and connection to the magic realm (that’s what it felt like at the time) Gitte was able to help me understand what my soul really wants to do. Since then I have felt much happier within myself and finally feel as if I have a clear purpose in life. Do yourself a favor and go through this process with Gitte.

Elisa Simone

My session with Gitte was Brilliant!

The most profound part of it, was it activated the part of me that was most rooted in who I was as a child. The part of me that was the most profound, alive and instinctual. But as all genius is, it was demonized, made to appear as not valuable, untrustworthy, and extremely disapproving.

So I shunned it, hid from it, and rejected it until Gitte showed me it was real, and not only that, it was my genius! What medium I am to apply my creative power through.

I knew it in my entire being, it ignited and became alive and I realized I was the enchantress that was here to activate the spark of magic in the soul of humankind in order to find their way in the natural order of the dark. Where they too can embrace their genius and live the life of pure euphoria!

I step into this with supreme confidence, as this is what I have always dreamed of!”

Seanette Holler

Euphoric to have finally found my genius

I had my genius summoning session with Gitte 2 weeks ago, and she identified exactly what I’m meant to do in life, with the right words!

I’m a dark bringer! Discovering/teaching/explaining new things from the dark and disrupting/creating worlds to empower people is my genius!

It’s been 10 years that I was searching my purpose. But I was doing it from shadow, and it didn’t work. I was always searching, and buying new courses, listening to new videos and reading new books about that. I was blocked in my business.

Just after the session I was euphoric to have finally found my genius, but had no clue how to translate this into my business.

And this week, it became so obvious! All the pieces of the puzzle are taking place!

So happy! Thank you Gitte.

Julie Turcotte

 No-one else could tell me what the connection was

Gitte Lassen has a unique talent for reading the energy of a place, which is how she helped me to unravel the mystery I have carried for 3 years now. She was able to tune in to the energy of a place she has never visited, nor even seen a photo of and uncover the reason I had connected with this place and the energy around it.

She was easily able to download the precise business name, structure and brand colours for me so that I can assemble the business with my unique access to this energy. No-one else could tell me what the connection was or represented, nor did they come close!

Since I have started working with this energy I have been continually amazed at the accuracy of the information I need to impart to my clients. I am ready to sky-rocket this business into the next decade and beyond.

Thank you Gitte, this has really given me the tools and the connection that I have been searching for. I cannot wait to launch this and see the transformation in myself and my clients!

Coral Bell ,

Exploring other realms while staying grounded in business strategies

Gitte is an excellent listener and powerful empath. It’s clear that she has carefully honed her unique guidance method during her long career. Her questions are always direct, thought-provoking and sensitive. She tuned in completely and allowed me to talk out my new ideas before sharing with me what she had intuited as I spoke. 

During our work together, she picked up on symbols, words and ideas which I’ve been recently recording in my private journals as I step fully onto my mystic path. I enjoyed exploring other realms with her while simultaneously staying grounded in practical marketing and business strategies.

I highly recommend Gitte to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level by pinpointing their Soul’s Work and discovering what powerful forms it can take in the world.

Elizabeth des Roches,

Gateway into the heart of the Soul

Thank you!

My Souls Work – what a blessing to rest into the deep felt truth in this body, I now know my gift to share.

I felt ready for this process, but oh my Goddess, I had no idea it was this strong! I had a deep emotional healing just before my soul ‘named its work’ through the voice of Gitte. The words felt so familiar and yet the mind said “what did you call it….?”.

The words spoken by Gitte are like gateways into the heart of the Soul. Just trust the body to respond to the intelligence of Gitte’s gift. It is phenomenal!

After we hung up my whole energy system put me to bed and I had to lie down for about an hour before I could do anything. Then I went to work. And did my Soul’s Work, heart to heart, for the first time [the results were powerful] and I felt blessed! Thank you so much Gitte.