Amplify Your Soul's Work

For Deepest Fulfillment, Profound Impact and Exceptional Success.


Discover the exact nature of your Soul's Work.

Discover the exact form to give it for biggest impact...

... and most magnificent success! 

Do you struggle with lack of success doing your Soul's Work?

  • You don't have enough clients?
  • You're not making enough money?
  • Does marketing and sales seem overwhelming?
  • You've spend tons of money on progams and coaches with disappointing result?
  • You're wondering if what you believe is your Soul's Work maybe isn't?

Your soul wants you to be a magnificent success!

You're born to Magnificent, Successfully do your Soul's Work.

I know you're yearning to make a real difference in many more people's life, you've been called to it... and that will happen only when you pinpoint the exact nature of your Soul's Work. 

It's not enough to have it almost right, success flows only when you nail it down exactly.

Because only then will you have aligned your intention, your energy, your actions - and only then can your Soul fully support you.

How Do You Want Your Magnificent Success?

Enjoy the catalyzing experience of working one-on-one with me for accelerated transformation and results.


"You really opened my eyes to everything that is possible. That realization alone was worth all the time I have spent with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Join a group program and travel with beautiful, delightful women on your journey into your magnificent success.

"I totally underestimated the amazing benefits of a group work. I feel safe, inspired, encouraged, supported and it's a really great way for me to work toward my Magnificent Self." 


Embrace your divine feminine magnificence on a sacred retreat with a small group of hand-picked women.

"I’ve been telling my friends about how wonderful and awesome it was, oh wow, so wonderful, so amaaaazing, so magical… and when I do, I find myself right back there."


How It Works

Pinpoint the exact nature of your Souls' Work, for full alignment with your Soul.

Pinpoint the exact form your Soul wants you to give this work. 

Pinpoint the exact actions your Soul wants you to take for biggest impact and success.

What Makes Gitte So Different?

Most people wanting to successfully be doing their Souls' Work struggle, or even fail, because:

1. They are almost doing their Soul's Work, but not quite, which causes misalignment. 

2. Which means the form they give it is misaligned. 

3. Which means they take misaligned actions.

Gitte's ability to pinpoint - beyond any doubts whatsoever - the exact nature of your Soul's Work, the exact form for it and the exact actions to take for you to succeed magnificently is bar none.

After just one session with Gitte, clients know the direct path for bringing their Soul's Work to its fullest expression with profound impact and exceptional success. When this happen, they experience an immediate increase in their power, inspiration, motivation, confidence, joy and inner peace (because now they are completely re-aligned with their soul).

Gitte guides you in taking your Soul's Work to its fullest expression of profound impact and exceptional success.

Learn more about Gitte. 

"I had no idea that this woman I am today was hiding inside of me, waiting to be set free. And I had no idea I'd be living this magnificent life."


"As a result of working with Gitte, I feel like I’ve given myself permission to strive for the fulfillment of a greater purpose that I could distantly feel but wasn’t able to fully formulate or perhaps thought was a dream I dared not believe. She was even able to put the essence of what I do into words that I am able to use in my marketing which I know will resonate with my ideal clients."  

Carolin Rathbun,

"... Gitte's beautiful, wild garden where the Magic grows and the Light shines so brightly."


"What's my investment?"

How much energy have you wasted on the wrong actions? How much money have you spend on paying for programs and coaches that gave disappointing results? How many people have lost out because you were not there to help them? Who (really) suffers when you don't do the exact work that you soul wants you to do? How does you not being magnificently successful serve anyone?

Being 'almost there but not quite' with your Soul's Work might already be costing you too much in terms of time, energy and money.

Step into your exact Soul's Work and find the fulfillment, impact and success you dream of. 

Not sure yet about your Soul's Work?

Take the test.


"34 signs that your Souls' Work is (still) calling you."

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