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You're not as successful as you want to be!

  • You don't have enough clients and/or not enough income
  • You don't know how to combine all your skills, gifts and knowledge in one cohesive whole
  • You keep working on yourself but nothing really changes

  • You've spend tons of money on progams and coaches with disappointing result
  • You're ambitious but don't know how to turn your work into a super successful business
  • You're likely undercharging and having low quality clients

Success comes FROM you, not TO you.

The world needs more successful healers. 

A lot more!

I know you're yearning to make a real difference in many more people's life, you've been called to it... and that will happen only when you turn your healing work into a successful buiness.

This happens when your everything you do is energetically aligned to amplify, not neutralize, the vibration of your Soul's Genius Work.

How Do You Want To Receive Your Coaching?

Enjoy the catalyzing experience of working one-on-one with me for accelerated transformation and results.


"You really opened my eyes to everything that is possible. That realization alone was worth all the time I have spent with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Join The School of Sacred Success and travel with beautiful, delightful women on your journey into your magnificent success.

"I totally underestimated the amazing benefits of a group work. I feel safe, inspired, encouraged, supported and it's a really great way for me to work toward my magnificent Self." 


Embrace your divine feminine magnificence and sacred success on a sacred retreat with a small group of hand-picked women.

"I’ve been telling my friends about how wonderful and awesome it was, oh wow, so wonderful, so amaaaazing, so magical… and when I do, I find myself right back there."


How It Works

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What makes Gitte different?

Many healers suffer from the Starving Healer Syndrome.

And if they don't, they grow their business using a random selection of business and marketing tactics without considering whether it amplifies the signature energy of their work or neutralizes it. 

This matters way more than you might think!

It matters with your prices.

It matters with your services and other offers.

It matters with your marketing.

It matters with your business structure.

 Gitte's rare and unique ability to recognize the signature vibration of your work and business allows her to coach you to actual success.

Gitte does not put her clients into 'proven formulas' or ask that you do what she did herself to grow her business. She doesn't ask you to follow current fashions of marketing or do the 'done thing' in your field.

Gitte's decades of experience with a wide variety of businesses and marketing means she has a wider horizon than most other business coaches and can confidently coach you on your unique Soul path to your success as a healer and soulpreneur.

Learn more about Gitte. 

"I had no idea that this woman I am today was hiding inside of me, waiting to be set free. And I had no idea I'd be living this magnificent life."


"As a result of working with Gitte, I feel like I’ve given myself permission to strive for the fulfillment of a greater purpose that I could distantly feel but wasn’t able to fully formulate or perhaps thought was a dream I dared not believe. She was even able to put the essence of what I do into words that I am able to use in my marketing which I know will resonate with my ideal clients."  

Carolin Rathbun, www.joyfulscribe.com

"... Gitte's beautiful, wild garden where the Magic grows and the Light shines so brightly."


"What's my investment?"

How much energy have you wasted on the wrong actions? How many years have you spend as a Starving Healer? How much money have you spend on paying for programs and coaches with disappointing results? Who (really) suffers when you're not successful? How does you not being magnificently successful serve anyone?

Not having a coach, or having the wrong coach, might already be costing you too much in terms of time, energy and money. 

The world need more successful healers and soulpreneurs. 

Be one of them.

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"34 signs that your Souls' Work is calling you to the next level."

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Firenze, Italy


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